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Mari [userpic]
Question and a request >_>
by Mari (mari_yagami)
at October 31st, 2005 (07:45 pm)

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Hey all! *waves*

I am a fairly new member and not sure if you guys will mind me asking for this, but well, here it goes, I hope you don't mind >_<;;

Am doing a banner of sorts and am looking for a very specific Tuti pic, one in which he is with his eyes shut and screaming =9 Anyone can help me get it? Got it~

On a second note, I was thinking of placing a request for the next pnish radio show, but I don't know where/when you get to know who will be hosting, 'cause it'd be kinda pointless to ask for Tuti to yell "Parque Espania!" for the nonjapanese fans if Tuti is not gonna be on the show that week, me thinks >_>. (and I was thinking that maybe all of us should place the request instead of just one? I can help you put them into japanese as long as they're not far too complicated phrases ^^; )

And that's it... >_>

*bows to TEH TUTI and leaves*