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Jubei [userpic]
Panic Studio with Tuti!
by Jubei (jubeichan)
at October 22nd, 2005 (05:32 am)

current mood: groggy

Well today (4am!) was Panic Studio with Tuti and fellow *pnish* member Wasio. Through out the radio - video - chat I kept a report of everything happening. alchemy_of_yaoi had to go to bed early because her tennis lesson was at 8am so I wanted a nice detailed report for her. Thank you li_bii for waking me up earlier then what I asked~

When kooriyoukai told me Panic Radio starts on time I didn’t think they would be there five minutes before. I’m glad Li called me early!

They start off the show in a string of introductions and move on to reading letters were they wish someone good luck on an exam (With all that energy I hope she did well!)

Tuti moves on to say something about the Simpsons. I don’t think it was with them premiering in the middle east (or I would’ve heard it?) Anyway he goes on to explain it’s an American anime.

If Tuti wasn’t drinking some energy caffeine drink I might’ve would’ve heard more? (And if I took Japanese)

They talk about their colors for *pnish* such as Tuti being yellow and Wasio is green (secretly the power rangers?)

They went on a break and before coming back on to air Tuti is EVERYWHERE but his seat. Finally landing in it he pulls a “peace sign attack” to the camera and audience.

Coming back to air I think they mention something about the SAT’s and go into a steady conversation. Poor Tuti sounds sick and his voice a bit strained. kooriyoukai told me he was sick and this might be an after effect. I’m surprised he has so much energy!

Reading a letter, the questions asks him about how he almost got run over. Tuti tells us this story very enthusiastically with a “BAKAYARO!” thrown in. He makes sure to show what happened with his WHOLE body. Even at serious moments he raises his voice to let us know what happened… Wait I’m sorry this is Tuti. XD But yes he was on a bike and the guy chased him in the truck.

.. La~ More talk I’m not too sure about what but it’s very amusing to Tuti yet… I think he can make anything really amusing.

Talk about his musical (and MoriEiji and Shinoda’s) is said here as well as speak about the poster. (Their guest is someone from Kyoudai Donburi after all)

They head off to break and we finally are able to figure out what the bottle is sitting in front of him. It’s a purple small bottle and we figure it’s his medication and he really is sick. Heading to break we see more people join them… One guy and they show the poster for his new musical, Kyoudai Donburi.

Here we are greeting the guest! Asakura Shinji-san? Yep yep~ And on to the silliness. ^_^ I love his laugh, it’s so great! <3 It comes from the heart.

It’s been a while and I don’t understand quite what they’re saying but I hear “OH BABY” Done so well in English apparently it’s a magazine? But still, hearing OH BABY by Tuti is one of the things I wanted to hear before I died X3

Break time! A song called Heaven comes on by Ayumi Hamasaki as they’ve done before they cut it off. But now they’re back! And checking viewer requests X3

Monsters Ink, Shrek and the Simpsons are being mentioned, Tuti’s favorite animated movies. We are discovering just how much Tuti loves his American movies. (American Animated movies?)

Hrrm poor Tuti, to hold in a cough this whole time and that sounded really bad. Poor guy must really be sick.

Only a few minutes left! Someone sent in a request for Tuti to say “PARQUE ESPANIA” and we think he might not say it. Which is sad because he hasn’t said it in a long while. (We like reliving the TeniMyu days)

Aww they say their good byes (With 007 music) and take their leave.


Well that was a nice show, seeing Tuti for the first time live. I hope he gets well soon he has a musical next month!

Well that was the hour of fun, I hope I'm able to see it next time!

Now keep your eyes open for ang31ic_pr3tty's post where she'll be posting screen caps of the night!

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